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Restoration Fees


$30 per item:

Skillets (up to size #12)

Single Burner Griddles (round/rectangle, handle/bail)



$40 per item:

Dutch Ovens (up to size #10)

Skillets with lids (up to size #12)

Grill Pans (dimensions smaller than 20")

Muffin/Bread Pans

Tea Kettles


$50 per item:

Oversized items. Anything larger than:

#12 Skillet/Griddle, #10 DutchOven, #7 Oval Roaster,

Grill Pans w/ dimension greater than 20".

$60 per item:

Waffle irons


Item have a dimension greater
than 22"?
Don't see your item type
listed above?

Head to the Contact Us page              to send a description and upload a few pics. I'll let you know

if it's something I can handle and quote you a price.




Got some rusty, crusty cast iron cookware
you would love to be able to use?

Cast Iron Restoration and Sales in West Virginia.

Classic Cast Iron can

make that happen!
Restoration fees start at $30 and we use
time tested methods to bring your cast iron
back to life, without ever using any power tools!

How does it work?

Head to the Contact Us page 

Email a brief description (quantity, type, size).

You will receive a quote (typically within 24 hours).

Pack well (like grandma's fine china!) and send to:

Classic Cast Iron

100 Western Ave.

Westover, WV 26501

An itemized invoice including shipping charges will be emailed.

You item(s) will shipped to you within 48 hours after payment. 

Every 5 items gets you one restored FREE!

Customer responsible for all shipping charges.

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