Diamonds in the rough.

Cut through the rust and grime
to reveal a piece of history,
and be transported to another
time and place.


The first skillets I restored were purchased on a lark
at an antiques shop for a song. Rusty and crusty,
they sat neglected for years until I decide to try out restoring them. The thrill I felt after discovering their
age and quality had me instantly cherishing these artifacts. As a long time (past) chef and (current) foodie, learning how to use and care for them was fun, and the results speak for themselves!

I want you to feel the same about your cast iron, when restoring your pieces, they will be treated as though
they were my own. I appreciate the sentimentality
and irreplaceability of your cast iron. Every effort will
be made to bring your item back to its original beauty and to make it ready for another century of use,
or for conversation as a collection item.

About Classic Cast Iron

Cast Iron Restoration and Sales in West Virginia.

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